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365 Tube - concept paper and wireframes

see PDF o365tube.pdf attachment below

365 Tube - help

If you are interested in getting in touch with me just visit my blog or follow me on twitter!/patricklamber.

Installation instructions

The solution is a sandboxed solution that follows the typicall sandboxed solution installation rules. Therefore, it can be used for on-premise and Office 365 in the same way.


This installation is for demonstration purposes only. We are going to implement a new version of the package within the next weeks.


What is the aim of this project?
The aim of 365 Tube is to verify the feasibility if we are able to build an enterprise-2.0 version of a Youtube-like Podcast library completely in the cloud.

What I am allowed to do with this project?
Currently we provide a WSP file for testing and modifications. We are going to provide professional packaging in the near future. If you are interested, just get in touch with us.

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